Why this name?


This blog is about 2 years in the making with more poor  than good  excuses  for the delay. I wanted  a name that gave meaning to my vision.  So after some serious thinking and discussions with friends, I settled on revolutionwell, a suggestion by my friend  Greg. He threw in his “2 cents” and it was everything I was thinking and more.  This blog will  be about health and nutrtition, with lots of recipes, meal planning ideas and other fun stuff like exercise.  I will  talk about our food supply and how it has changed over the years , and why it should matter to us.

From merriam-webster.com – Revolution  – “a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something: a change of paradigm”.  How I think about  food and what I feed myself and my family has changed.   A family health crisis 8 years ago was the starting point of change with wellness taking on a whole new meaning. Hence “Well” , the second part of the name. For some as Greg says “it is a place of survival. In some cultures it was and still is a meeting place. It is also a source for something that is good and healthy, not just water but ideas, advice and encouragement.”  So… I hope you will come back.  I hope that my journey will inspire you, encourage you and maybe even challenge you to join the revolution.