Meal Plan Week One

Meal Planning is the best strategy you can use to making healthier meals and de- stressing the 4 pm “what am I going to make for dinner?” frenzy.  Depending on your grocery shopping day, take stock of what you have on hand that needs to be used up and then plan away.  Make extras for leftovers for lunches or the evenings you know are going to have everyone running out the house early.  Grocery shop according to your plan. Be flexible during the week to move your plan around from one day to the next. I already feel better knowing that my week is planned out…. see below. (I will start adding recipes as I can:) Just substitute your family favorites for your own.

Meal Plan-Week One

Sunday           Brown Rice, Coconut Dal Curry, steamed cauliflower,carrots, peas

Monday           Leftovers or Black Bean Quesadillas with salsa & guacamole

Tuesday          Miso Salmon, Brown Rice Pilaf (use leftovers), steamed broccoli, Bean Salad

Wednesday     Minestrone Soup, 1 thick slice alpine bread

Thursday        Whole wheat linguini & spaghetti squash with Garlic & Olive oil and leftover salmon,  steamed green beans, roasted red peppers, mushrooms & zucchini

Friday             Brown Rice with Stir Fried Vegetables (mushrooms, green & red cabbage, snap peas, carrot, red peppers) & Homemade Peanut Sauce

 Saturday         Homemade Thai Pizza on Whole Spelt Crust

                        (leftover peanut sauce base with zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, red pepper, topped with crushed peanuts and bean sprouts)