Oh sweetie, there is no easy way to tell you..you have cancer

9 years ago today. A day I will never forget.  A day when a phone call turned into a nightmare. It is all very surreal now but remembering stirs up emotions, a racing heart , an aching heart, much like that day 9 years ago.  It was about 10 am, April 25, 2003 when the phone rang and the doctor on the other end asked if she was speaking to Mrs. Wiebe. “Yes, this is”. I don’t remember exactly what she said except “it’s cancer. You will need to have Rachel in Vancouver in 3 days…BC Cancer Center”. I probably said thankyou and hung up the phone.  Disbelief, fear, an overwhelming sense of helplessness and loneliness. I called my husband at work. He hung up quickly, no lingering, just a short “I’m on my way”.  A few more calls, parents, friends, and then a floodgate of tears, uncontrollable sobbing and waiting.  I don’t think it was long before Lawrence got home, but together we cried, held each other in silence both wondering how we were going to tell our beautiful 13 year old she had cancer.

I don’t think there is a right or a wrong way.  Nothing prepares you for news like this.  It was a strange day. So quiet, just the two of us waiting. Waiting for the girls to come home from school.  I think they knew something was wrong. “Why are you home from work already daddy?”…. we looked haggard, eyes puffy and red.

The rest of that day,  the weeks and even the months  following are still a blur. Life changed that day. Everything that seemed important wasn’t anymore.  Everyday  a gift yet really hard. Trips to Vancouver, sleepless  nights spent in the hospital and in a hotel were long,  so many  days  spent counting the drips from IV bags that delivered  chemotherapy into her precious body. There were many hours on my face weeping, praying,  bargaining with and even yelling at God.

Oh, how good and faithful our God is! Fast forward to today…each day is still a gift, not taken for granted. Each breath taken a reminder of His love.  Spring brings new life, filled with hope, promise and faith. Our little girl is all grown up, a survivor….  and moving out….. oh my heart aches and wonders what it will be like. “But joy comes with  the morning” , everyday.


7 thoughts on “Oh sweetie, there is no easy way to tell you..you have cancer

  1. She is an amazing young woman of God and will make such a difference where ever or whatever she does……..I am excited to watch her and be there for her in her next journey of life 🙂

  2. Makes ones heart sad to think of what you and so many right now are going through. But, through it all there is hope. You describe your journey well. Thanks!

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