Do you know where your food comes from? Do you care?

Maybe I care too much. Somedays, even some weeks, I wonder if it really matters as much as I think it does what I put in my body. I look around and see that for the most part, most people really don’t care. They carry on with their lives, filling their faces and their children’s tummies with stuff that isn’t really even food anymore, just processed “food-like” substances.  Kids and adults alike are becoming heavier and are exercising less.  So why should this bother me you might ask?  Given the fact that my family- husband,  both my daughters and myself are all involved in health care it comes with the job. I guess I could just leave it at the office every day and not care, but everyday we see the effects of what we are doing to ourselves as a society, one family at a time. It also matters because memories of illness in our own family too easily come to the surface.  We faced an extremely challenging time that I would not wish on any family, but it shook us up. It was the catalyst that got our attention. Realizing that what we ate matters and that we were made to move.

So do you know where your food comes from?  Spring is just around the corner, I can feel it. Soon we will be able to either grow our own food or purchase right from the farmers in our own community. Search out locally grown food or at the very least if you live in BC , buy BC grown or Canada grown. “Community Supported Agriculture” (CSA) is a really awesome way to support the farmers in your community, so they keep farming. In Kelowna look up “Green City Acres” or click on the link :

Or start growing your own food. Take a gardening course. Start small. You really don’t even need that much space. If you don’t have any land, search out the nearest Community Garden in your neighborhood or search for a plot of land to garden in go to

In Communities across Canada, homeowners are teaming up with gardeners to share green space, knowledge, muscle and enthusiasm.

It does matter. We should know where our food comes from.