Shop Local…

I have been pleasantly surprised by all that I can still buy that is locally grown or produced now that it is officially winter. December 21, the longest day of the year and the official start to winter has come and gone. I love the seasons,  each bringing something new and beautiful.

Our local Farmer’s Market was bursting with all kinds of fresh and locally grown produce and other goodies. Spinach, sprouts, eggs, leeks, onions, root vegetables of all kinds including carrots, potatoes, squash, turnip, and beets. Walnuts, fresh stone ground flours (using wheat and spelt that is grown locally non-GMO!), honey, apples and pears.




There are also a number of non-edible products that make great gifts all year round  like handmade soaps, body butters, candles made from beeswax, pottery, jewellry and unique clothing and knitwear.

I for one have resolved to support my local farmers and artisans as much as possible for as much of the year as is possible.  It’s part of what being in community is all about.