About Darla


My journey about health and food and how they relate started almost 9 years ago when our daughter, Rachel, 13 at the time, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  Everything in my world came to a stop and after about a year,  when the chemotherapy and surgery  were over and recovery was well on it’s way  I heard God say “it matters how you feed your family. It matters to me.”  I had been quite resentful about that responsibility and even though I did cook meals (or we ate out, alot) I didn’t give much thought to how healthy or unhealthy our meals were.  Sometime between 4 and 5 o’clock every day panic would set in as I realized I should start dinner. I’m not saying that feeding my daughter unhealthy meals was directly responsible for her cancer diagnosis, but what I am saying is that I really believe that taking  care of our bodies cannot be left to chance.  That we are to be good stewards of everything we have been given including our earthly vessels. David Meinz, Registered Dietician, “believes it is better to stay well than to be healed. Even Jesus ministered to people’s spiritual needs most often by also minstering to their physical needs”.

I am hoping this blog will  inspire some of you to take steps towards health that are deliberate.  It is a big and confusing world out there when it comes to nutrition and what we should or should not be eating , but just acknowledging that it matters what we eat is a step in the right direction.  One step towards health usually leads to another , at least it did for us. I also believe it matters how much we move and if we have a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

I don’t claim to have all the answers and what has worked for our family may not work for yours but I invite you  to follow along and learn  with me.  My amazing family, husband, Lawrence and our two daughters, Rachel  22 and Kirsten 19 , live in Kelowna and are most of the time on the same page:)   We all love food and though I would love to say it is easy to “eat healthy” it is work. It takes effort. You know the saying “families who pray together, stay together”? , well we changed it up a little..”families who work together, play together, pray together, stay together”. 



3 thoughts on “About Darla

    • Thanks Darla for taking the time to do this. I believe God has been speaking to me about our health matters also. It’s tough slugging but knowing you’re in good company is motivating.

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