Peas….first pick of the season

I have some wonderful memories of sitting in my grandma’s garden picking and eating peas. I also remember hoping I would be sent out to the pea patch to pick peas when I worked at a local vegetable farm as a college student. “One for the bucket…one for me”.

Such a yummy snack, though on my way home today, hungry and tired, my thoughts didn’t go straight to peas. I had been thinking about stopping in and buying some of my favorite dark chocolate or some lentil chips I sampled this past weekend. But then I saw it, “fresh peas” on the sign ahead at a local farmer’s  vegee stand. I immediately swung in and picked up a bag of snap peas and a large bag of shelling peas.  Driving, shelling and eating peas is not really all that safe so I started in on the snap peas.  I almost finished the shelling peas in the truck parked in the garage until I snapped out of it and remember there were other people in the family that might like to enjoy a few. I left some:)

My goal this growing season is to eat as much fresh and local as I can.  I am trying to grow some,  the rest I will buy from our local farmers.  I will keep you posted about what’s  fresh and “in season” for fruit and vegetables  here in the Okanagan Valley, in Beautiful, British Columbia, Canada.

 I  challenge all of you, whereever you live, buy local, eat local, support your local farmer!  It’s a healthier way to live.