Pantry basics

Some of our favorite recipes now use spices and other ingredients  that I never had in my cupboard or refridgerator before.  Now, I stock them regularly. Check back to this page for updates/additions to the list.

Cumin      Bay leaves    Coriander    Cinnamon   Turmeric    Oregano    Curry    Cardamon   Garam Masala      Whole mustard seeds      Whole Cumin Seeds Lemongrass Paste

fresh limes and lemons

fresh garlic

ginger root

Braggs– is a gluten-free soy sauce substitute made with NON-GMO soybeans and contains 16 Amino Acids.

sambal oelek

rice wine vinegar     red wine vinegar     white wine vinegar     apple cider vinegar    balsamic vinegar

sesame oil (keep refridgerated)    olive oil    grapeseed oil   flax seed oil (keep refridgerated)

fresh cilantro    fresh basil    fresh parsley

light coconut milk

Thai Kitchen “green” curry paste     Thai Kitchen “red” curry paste

Raw sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds

Dry red lentils, green split peas, green lentils, french (puy)lentils, white beans,

“Harvest Sun” vegee cube (great for soup broths)

wheat germ (keep refridgerated), oat bran, rolled oats, steel cut oats

quinoa, pot barley, sprouted brown rice, brown basamati rice, black thai rice

rice vermicelli, whole wheat spagettini, whole wheat fettucini, whole wheat penne